The CENCOM SpydurPBX truly is a “best-of-breed” system where you can fully utilize any mixture of standards-based hardware from any manufacturer and communicate across any medium. Gone are the days of proprietary hardware and excessive licenses… unlock your communications today with the power and flexibility of the CENCOM SpydurPBX!
​VPN Router – provides Dual WAN access for one or two Internet connections (Failover if one or your ISP's fails, never loose phone service), Quality of Service to ensure call quality, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for remote support. The Dual WAN will support a fail over to a second ISP. The helps make you immune to Network interruptions from your primary ISP allow fail over to your second ISP, this could be a low-cost DSL circuit. You will stay up during the Outage.
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The CENCOM SpydurPBX has a robust number of options and end points that allow Collaboration on Steroids. The native communication protocol is not as secure. The Wildex Product uses a protocol that has 128-bit encryption. The CENCOM SpydurPBX includes a completely integrated, secure Enterprise Instant Messaging server using the leading open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (Jabber). The CENCOM SpydurPBX also offers Exchange Integration as well as all of the common PBX features.

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