Taking the Gamble Out of the Decision
CENCOM takes the guesswork out of selecting a telecommunications system.  By providing comprehensive information in advance, CENCOM enables the customer to make a fully informed decision based on a complete understanding of system performance, pricing and service considerations.  
The CENCOM difference is more than just a commitment to customer satisfaction – it’s a guarantee!  CENCOM’s Five Star Warranty and Gold Seal Maintenance are the most comprehensive in the industry.  CENCOM also guarantees that a customer’s maintenance contract will never be canceled for any reason other than non-payment.
CENCOM understands the critical role a telephone system plays in the smooth operation, growth and success of every business.  By working with each customer to establish a telecommunications strategy based on the highest quality product and service standards, CENCOM ensures optimum return on your telecommunications and data network investment, providing a competitive advantage that keeps your business one step ahead.
The CENCOM Difference
"CENCOM delivers the best of today’s technology, and helps you choose the options that provide optimum value at minimum cost."

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