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Welcome to our NEW Simple Service!
Need help Initializing your Voice Mailbox for the first time? Changing a greeting? or listening to a saved message? No Question is to small, if it means making your life easier!
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Can my phone follow me to another desk for the day? How do you make a conference call? What does that button do?
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Toshiba is always turning out new products, just like laptops, PC's and Cell phones. Bussiness Communications are forever changing to enhance the quality of service, and ease of it's products. 
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"Strong Companies are built on good communications"

At CENCOM, we believe that the quality of the products we sell should be directly related to the warranty we offer on those products.  Since today’s telecommunication systems have become more complex and software –driven, companies recognize the need to control ongoing costs.  

 offers a warranty program unequaled in the industry.
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